The other day my oldest sister and I were talking on the phone and we were got around to discussing retirement, finances and being able to manage when we got older. Bringing up again the running joke that we would all have to live together to save money and because surely one of us would still be able to drive. (Though as the years go by it hit me that this is becoming less of a joke and more of a possible reality!) Which got me to thinking about sisters and their influences on our lives. I’m the youngest of four children, one boy and then three girls. Sometimes the best position, sometimes not. It often seems that I’ve spent my life playing catch up because there was nothing major that I did first. As many younger siblings will attest to that included rarely getting toys and clothes first. As the only boy my brother was lucky to be the oldest because it meant he could avoid ‘the girls’. My sisters and I ran as a pack when we were younger and spent our childhood following each other through school. This didn’t always make for easy times for my mother as we were so close in age, and each one of us has a completely different personality, which led to some fireworks over the years. But that’s helped us learn that just because you fight and don’t agree doesn’t mean that you don’t still stick together no matter what. As the years have gone by we’ve each followed different life paths which has us spread out across the country, but we’ve always stayed in touch. Now that our kids are all grown we’ve even started annual ‘Sister’s Trips’ where we spend time together (and can argue about silly things in person). But that special bond of sisters is one I think many can relate to and in honor of my sisters, and for sisters everywhere, I found this poem which I think says it all: Three Sisters By Francis I. Gillespie – Published February 2006 We are three sisters. Three sisters are we. I love each of you, And I know you love me. We're not always together. Life sometimes keeps us apart, But we're never separated. We're in each other's heart. Now I know we've had our troubles, But we always get through. The real message is you love me, And I also love you. We have had lots of good times That we'll never forget. Sometimes we worry And sometimes we fret. But if God ever gave me Something special, you see, It might have been the blessing of Three sisters are we. The Lord above has given me lots Of happiness and glee, But the most special thing he did was Make us sisters, all three. Source: