You may have noticed that the logo for our shop is a surprising ‘flower’ – the lowly dandelion. Since I have always thought of it as a weed, I can tell you that at we were a little surprised at our choice at first. When we started down this path of starting our own business, I knew I wanted a flower in the logo. My thoughts kept coming back to something elegant like an orchid or magnolia. I could picture it in my mind, but something kept stopping me and didn’t seem right. As many of you will probably relate to, I’m not exotic or delicate like a hothouse flower. I’m just me – hardworking, loyal, loving, kind, and responsible. Amazing in my own way, but certainly someone who is better symbolized by a flower that can thrive under any circumstances and not a delicate bloom that withers under harsh conditions. So, in looking for a flower that adequately suited what we as a family stood for, I found the dandelion and discovered it’s not lowly at all. The common and humble dandelion has a surprising number of different meanings which I’d like to share: * Healing from emotional pain and physical injury alike * Intelligence, especially in an emotional and spiritual sense * The warmth and power of the rising sun * Surviving through all challenges and difficulties * Long lasting happiness and youthful joy * Getting your wish fulfilled No matter what you do to it, a dandelion keeps coming back. Look away for a little while and you’ll find they are blooming all over the place. Blow on it and it sends seeds of greatness far and wide. Since the dandelion can thrive in the most difficult of conditions, it is no wonder that people say this flower symbolizes the ability to rise above life’s challenges. I can now say that I’m inspired by the dandelion and proud of our choice to make this the symbol of ‘A Uniquely Inspired Life’. We hope that because you now know more about this special bloom you’ll also be inspired, encouraged, and remember that you don’t have to be a hothouse flower to be meaningful to yourself and others.