Positive Affirmations

I won at Bingo last week! Now for some of you that may not seem like a big deal, but you need to understand that I come from a family of diehard bingo fans and I’ve played a lot over the course of my life. But up until last week I had never won a game of Bingo. But my day finally came and I not only won, but I won two games! I also won two prizes at a Fourth of July raffle. Pretty awesome to feel like a winner isn’t it?

But I didn’t think much of it beyond how fun it was to win until this morning when I started my day with my usual morning devotionals, which included reading from a study topic which I started about two weeks ago. The study topic is by Chellie Campbell and it’s called “The Wealthy Spirit”. I’m enjoying it because the book has daily affirmations and this author emphasizes that a wealthy life isn’t all about money (though if you have financial troubles you should check this out).

Being the curious intellectual that I am, I checked the affirmations from last week and included among them were:

· Something wonderful is happening to me today – I can feel it!

· I am a winner! I win often – I win big!

· Thank you, God, for the abundant gifts you provide for me every day!

· Great riches are heaped on me just because I’m me!

If nothing else it started off this week with a good chuckle.

Now I’m not suggesting that if we all go out and start using positive affirmations we’ll all be showered with money and prizes. However, I’ve found that the biggest win for me is that with every day’s positive thoughts and affirmations I start to smile a little more, be a little more open and outgoing around others, and do just a little better at everything I tackle throughout the day. My heart and mind are just lighter.

When I bought the raffle tickets I didn’t think my usual “why bother, I never win”, and when I played Bingo I wasn’t focusing on anything but having fun. So, for me, I’m ready to surround myself with even more positive affirmations because more important than winning money is winning at the game of life! Today I suggest that we all be winners!