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The other day my oldest sister and I were talking on the phone and we were got around to discussing retirement, finances and being able to manage when we got older. Bringing up again the running joke that we would all have to live together to save money and because surely one of us would still be able to drive. (Though as the years go by it hit me that this is becoming less of a joke and more of a possible reality!) Which got me to thinking about sisters and their influences on our lives.

I’m the youngest of four children, one boy and then three girls. Sometimes the best position, sometimes not. It often seems that I’ve spent my life playing catch up because there was nothing major that I did first. As many younger siblings will attest to that included rarely getting toys and clothes first. As the only boy my brother was lucky to be the oldest because it meant he could avoid ‘the girls’.

My sisters and I ran as a pack when we were younger and spent our childhood following each other through school. This didn’t always make for easy times for my mother as we were so close in age, and each one of us has a completely different personality, which led to some fireworks over the years. But that’s helped us learn that just because you fight and don’t agree doesn’t mean that you don’t still stick together no matter what.

As the years have gone by we’ve each followed different life paths which has us spread out across the country, but we’ve always stayed in touch. Now that our kids are all grown we’ve even started annual ‘Sister’s Trips’ where we spend time together (and can argue about silly things in person). But that special bond of sisters is one I think many can relate to and in honor of my sisters, and for sisters everywhere, I found this poem which I think says it all:

Three Sisters By Francis I. Gillespie – Published February 2006

We are three sisters.

Three sisters are we.

I love each of you,

And I know you love me.


We're not always together.

Life sometimes keeps us apart,

But we're never separated.

We're in each other's heart.


Now I know we've had our troubles,

But we always get through.

The real message is you love me,

And I also love you.


We have had lots of good times

That we'll never forget.

Sometimes we worry

And sometimes we fret.


But if God ever gave me

Something special, you see,

It might have been the blessing of

Three sisters are we.


The Lord above has given me lots

Of happiness and glee,

But the most special thing he did was

Make us sisters, all three.



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I was luckier than most in that I grew up in a loving, if somewhat eclectic and dysfunctional, family. If we never had much money, we always had what we needed. If we never had much room in the house, my mom always found room for one more. If we weren’t always the best, brightest and most attractive, we never felt that weren’t still terrific human beings.

Like most children I didn’t always appreciate what I had, but now like most older adults I wish I had spent more time savoring those special times. So in celebration of my family I wanted to share this poem that I found:

I AM FROM By Rose M. De Leon (Published November 2007)

I am from the love of my family.

I am from my mom, my dad, my grandmother, and my grandfather.

I am from sweet baked cakes, homemade cornbread, and all the smells of the world. I am from good jobs, great effort, and "GO TO YOUR ROOM." I am from thick and thin, cold and hot.

I am from stories from my neighbors, from my dad and my mom, from my nephew and nieces. Stories to stay strong.

I am from childhood pictures and baby toys. From rattles, pacifiers and bottles. I am from my mother's stomach where she held me for nine full months.

I am from good and bad. I am from music of ALL kinds. I am from feast such as parties. I am from piñatas, candy and ice cream. I am from all kinds of fun.

I am from "I got your back" and "You're one of a kind." I am from love and harmony and everyone around me.

I am from hard and soft. I am from my father's heart and my mother's love.... I am from the hands of God.


Dream Catcher

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Dream Catcher

I have always been interested in Dream catchers, which I’ve seen used in different home décor for years, but have you ever wondered where they originated from?

In doing research I found that the web dream catcher originated from the Native American Ojibwa tribe. American ethnographer Frances Densmore says that according to an Ojibwa legend, the dream catcher is correlated with Absibikaashi, who is also known as The Spider Woman. She used to look over all her people, and cherished them, but she couldn’t be with all of them every evening to protect them from evil.

This is how the dream catcher came to be, mothers and grandmothers agreed to weave a design like a web inside a circle made from the willow tree to protect their children and families. The web was said to catch the evil dreams and hold them until sunrise, and then when the sun hit the dream catcher it would evaporate the dream.

In the 1960’s and 1970’s they were also adopted by other Native Americans. Some consider the dream catcher to be a symbol of unity among the various Indigenous Nations.

Dream catchers today come in a variety of sizes and styles. They usually consist of a small wooden hoop covered in a net or web of natural fibers, with meaningful sacred items like feathers and beads attached and hanging down from the bottom of the hoop.

We love the inspiration of the dream catcher and hope you do too!

*Information from and sites were used for research for this blog.
'Dream Big' Dream Catcher Metal Wall sign

Praise For The Lowly Dandelion

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on May 22, 2017

Praise For The Lowly Dandelion

You may have noticed that the logo for our shop is a surprising ‘flower’ – the lowly dandelion. Since I have always thought of it as a weed, I can tell you that at we were a little surprised at our choice at first.

When we started down this path of starting our own business, I knew I wanted a flower in the logo. My thoughts kept coming back to something elegant like an orchid or magnolia. I could picture it in my mind, but something kept stopping me and didn’t seem right.

As many of you will probably relate to, I’m not exotic or delicate like a hothouse flower. I’m just me – hardworking, loyal, loving, kind, and responsible. Amazing in my own way, but certainly someone who is better symbolized by a flower that can thrive under any circumstances and not a delicate bloom that withers under harsh conditions.

So, in looking for a flower that adequately suited what we as a family stood for, I found the dandelion and discovered it’s not lowly at all. The common and humble dandelion has a surprising number of different meanings which I’d like to share:

* Healing from emotional pain and physical injury alike

* Intelligence, especially in an emotional and spiritual sense

* The warmth and power of the rising sun

* Surviving through all challenges and difficulties

* Long lasting happiness and youthful joy

* Getting your wish fulfilled

No matter what you do to it, a dandelion keeps coming back. Look away for a little while and you’ll find they are blooming all over the place. Blow on it and it sends seeds of greatness far and wide. Since the dandelion can thrive in the most difficult of conditions, it is no wonder that people say this flower symbolizes the ability to rise above life’s challenges.

I can now say that I’m inspired by the dandelion and proud of our choice to make this the symbol of ‘A Uniquely Inspired Life’. We hope that because you now know more about this special bloom you’ll also be inspired, encouraged, and remember that you don’t have to be a hothouse flower to be meaningful to yourself and others.

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